April 2020

What Does a Bookkeeper Do?


What does a bookkeeper do? So much, young grasshopper. So, so much. Accounts Receivables Ever forgotten to send out an invoice? Or maybe you didn’t forget but spent your entire working day actually working for your business. Now, it’s 6pm and instead of chilling with some pizza, you’re spending quality time with your computer generating [...]

What Does a Bookkeeper Do?2020-04-27T04:43:02+00:00

March 2020

How To Alleviate Boredom During the Apocalypse – Bookkeeper Style


Are you finding yourself stuck inside with nothing productive to do? Are your floors clean? Bathroom scrubbed? Alcohol sorted volumetrically? Well, my friend, you’re in luck! I’ve developed a series of mental exercises to help you through these tough times! And by series I mean two. Let's talk about why budgets and cash flow forecasts are [...]

How To Alleviate Boredom During the Apocalypse – Bookkeeper Style2020-03-30T16:07:01+00:00

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