Below are some information packages we’ve put together, all available for free download.

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Sole Proprietorship Package

So, you want to start a sole proprietorship, eh?

Or maybe you’be been operating under your own name and are unsure how to officially register?

This package is for you! In it, we cover the steps to registering your business, bank accounts, licenses, GST, payroll, recording keeping, and much more!

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Rogue Bookkeeping Sole Proprietorship Package
Rogue Bookkeeping Business Expense Package

Business Expense Package

This is a massive topic so please be aware that this touches on the surface of some common business expenses. What they are, how to deal with them, how to calculate and/or adjust as needed.

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Business Expense Checklist

So… I made this checklist because I kept forgetting to record all of my own monthly expenses and I figured that if I, a bookkeeper, was having issues, maybe other people were too. Hope this helps!

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Rogue Bookkeeping Business Expense Checlist

Rogue Bookkeeping