From a young age Sam had a yen for bookkeeping. Her first childhood memory is of playing with an abacus and well I guess it just spiraled from there!

Sam graduated from the bookkeeping program at ICS Canada in 2018 and worked for a small trucking company until joining the crazy train that is Rogue Bookkeeping in March of 2021.

When not firmly ensconced in the debits and credits of her favorite clients you can find Sam running the large hatching egg chicken farm she owns with her husband and three kids here in Chilliwack or out exploring the great outdoors of British Columbia vis a vis camping.


Robin lives and breathes bookkeeping. Her passion in life is to reconcile it, reconcile it good. Her motto is, “when a problem comes along, you must reconcile it”. When she not busy making sacrifices to the Quickbooks gods, you can find Robin saving stray kittens from the jaws of sewer sharks, carving sized-to-scale log cabins for squirrels and practicing her ostrich mating calls.

I shouldn’t be allowed on the internet. Give me an audience and weird things happen.

Sorry Robin! Please send bio. kthnxbye.

In all seriousness, Robin has over 20 years of experience as a bookkeeper and has worked with a wide variety of industries. She’s a wonderful addition to the team and I’m thrilled to have her!

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