Spoiler alert: It has to do with bookkeeping

Rogue Bookkeeping’s mission is to help reduce the stress of business owners by taking the responsibility of bookkeeping off their plate. Bookkeeping is vital to  every single business and yet it’s one of the easiest things to set aside in the “to be done later” pile. You think, oh I’m swamped this month, I’ll catch up on it next month. But then one months turns into two, and before you know it’s been six months and you have no idea what supplier’s bills have been paid, what customer payments haven’t been received and the bottom line on the Profit and Loss reports reads, “who dis?”.

Our mission is to make sure this never happens again and when you want to know what the bottom line is, we can generate a report and let you know immediately (well, within a reasonable timeframe).


We value them. They’re valuable.

1. Openness and Honesty

Bookkeeping is our area of expertise. Just because you’re a business owner doesn’t mean you have to be a bookkeeping expert. In fact, it’s a huge point of stress for many business owners for a variety of reasons. Whatever that reason may be for you, it shouldn’t make you feel bad or less or lacking in any way. There are many other areas that you, as a business owner, kick ass in – let us kick ass in this one for you.

2. Free From Judgement 

Rogue Bookkeeping is a judgement free zone.


‘Nuff said.

3. Service Oriented

We will always do our utmost to respond in a timely manner and do our best to answer all questions in a way that makes sense to you and has you walking away confident in the information provided. If an email response isn’t sufficient, lets hope on a zoom together and do a screenshare and walk through the issue step by step.

4. Your Business is our Number One Priority

We want to do everything we can to help you succeed. Understanding the results of your bookkeeping and the information it can provide allows you, as a business owner, to make better, more informed decisions for your business. We want you to succeed and we want to be a part of that success.


What Rogue Bookkeeping means to me.

Rogue Bookkeeping is the culmination of over 15 years of experience in office administration and management, bookkeeping, and accounting-related roles. Throughout these years and experiences one thing has been resoundingly true: I love small businesses.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial household, it’s what I know and love. I understand what it’s like to grow something from scratch and how hard it can be to keep up on a day-to-day basis.

As an entrepreneur you have to wear many different hats, some more flattering than others. Let Rogue Bookkeeping wear one of them for you. Preferably the pointy one with a round brim. Some, not me, but some might say it looks like a witch’s hat.


Rogue Bookkeeping