What does a bookkeeper do?

So much, young grasshopper. So, so much.

Accounts Receivables

Ever forgotten to send out an invoice? Or maybe you didn’t forget but spent your entire working day actually working for your business. Now, it’s 6pm and instead of chilling with some pizza, you’re spending quality time with your computer generating and sending out invoices. Not sure if an invoice has been paid? RBK can send you a periodic report showing which invoices are outstanding and how overdue they are. Need someone to send a follow up request for payment? We can do that.

Accounts payable

Entering bills, categorizing expenses, making payments. Not sure if something is an acceptable business expense? Talk to us! We can help sort that out. Some vendors offer early payment discounts. Are you taking advantage of those?


There are quite a few ins and outs to properly navigating payroll – and we’re not just talking about calculating payroll deductions! There’s also statutory holiday pay to consider, Records of Employment to file, what constitutes a taxable benefit and how should it be calculated and many, many more.

Filing deadlines

A bookkeeper can help you avoid late penalties by reminding you when your GST has to be submitted by or when your WCB needs to be filed. If we’re preparing your remittance for you, we’ll get all the numbers reconciled, sent to you for approval, and then can even take care of filing and payment for you.

Generate reports

A bookkeeper can generate reports to help keep you informed about the status of your business (coming due receivables, accounts payables outstanding, profit and loss statement, etc) and we can also help you interpret these reports and how the information contained in them can be used to make better informed business decisions.

Prepare budgets and cash flows

Budgets and cash flow forecasts are so important (SO IMPORTANT!) to your business that we’re not going to go into detail in this blog post but will be posting individual posts for each of these. Suffice it to say they are very useful tools and something a business should review and update on a regular basis.

Work with your accountant to prepare for your year end and tax filing

A bookkeeper can work with your accountant to gather the documents and reports they’ll require to prepare your year end and file your taxes. For Rogue Bookkeeping clients we have a generic checklist that we follow throughout the year so there’s no mad scramble to get everything ready for year end. This checklist is, of course, completely customizable and can be adapted to suit any business.


Rogue Bookkeeping can also recommend and help set up apps to make your life easier. Need help organizing your receipts? What about tracking your mileage? Don’t want to use yet another app but need to get your receipts organized online? May we suggest Google Drive, One Drive, or Dropbox, etc.

What does a bookkeeper do? We’re here to help and make your life easier. Rogue Bookkeeping offers all of the above all together or pick and choose what you need. We’ve structured our services so that they’re fully scalable to meet all needs and budgets. Contact us with any questions or fill out our Get Started form.