Yup, we’re still talking about the Coronavirus outbreak.

So we’ve already mentioned the option to go 100% online/virtual/whatever you want to call it but for some that’s just not possible. There are a number of reasons why, including your brain just not being wired that way. And that is totally understandable, I myself am the owner of a weird brain. With that in mind, RBK has implemented some new policies and taken steps to ensure no loss of service while maintaining the highest levels of safety.

Material drop off: This is still available for clients. At an agreed upon time, we will bring a Rubbermaid bin to the side of our building (there’s a little turnaround, it’s a great place to pause and hop out of your car). We’ll stand a safe distance away (6+ feet, as is recommended) and talk loudly at each other while you put your materials in the bin, without touching the bin itself. Once you’ve retreated to your vehicle, I will come forward with the bin lid, close the bin, and bring everything up to the home office where it will sit untouched for three days. The materials will come out, the bin will be wiped down with bleach. When everything is entered and ready to be picked up, we’ll do it all again but in reverse! I can either pre-quarantine the materials for you or you can bring your own quarantine bin and pickup and quarantine your materials at your own home.

Material pick up: I am available to come to you to pick up materials and we can basically implement the same system as dropping off. Set up a time, I’ll arrive with my trusty Rubbermaid bin, I’ll set it outside your house or office, you’ll come out with your materials, I’ll back away slowly, and you’ll carefully place your materials within the bin. Then you’ll back away slowly, I’ll approach with the bin lid, using it as a shield (because that’ll help), enclose the materials within the bin and return home to let the material-filled bin sit in solitude for three days.

I have multiple bins and they will be sterilized, inside and out, between clients.

If I’ve missed anything or you have any suggestions please do contact me! I want to keep everyone safe while still doing business, if you have an idea or a procedure that you think might work better, please let me know.

If you are immunocompromised, please do not leave your house. I want you to stay safe. If you’re worried about the extra cost of RBK coming to pick up your materials give me a call and let’s discuss first and work something out. This is a crazy time and we need to help and support each other!

With help and support in mind, if you’re currently doing your own bookkeeping and have any questions please reach out and ask away! I’m not looking to bogart all the knowledge. Actually, I just love the opportunity to show off! I worked hard to learn this crap, guys!