Client-focused Bookkeeping

Available throughout the lower mainland and Fraser Valley in person, or across North America virtually!

Rogue Bookkeeping is a full-service, boutique company that offers bookkeeping and related services. We’re based across the Greater Vancouver Area, however, thanks to shipping companies and technology, we’re able to offer our services to clients across North America!

Contact us to discuss what your needs are and how Rogue Bookkeeping can help.


we offer a variety of bookkeeping and administrative services.

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What makes Rogue Bookkeeping special


It’s hard to set yourself apart as a bookkeeping company. A bookkeeper does what a bookkeeper does. Period. End of story. Curtain call. Fin. It’s challenging to offer a significant competitive advantage when all your competitors provide the exact same services. But we’re going to try.

First Contact

Let’s get together and discuss your needs, goals and expectations.


Being a small company, we don’t necessarily have to adhere to the rigidity of a typical work week. If you want to drop off your bookkeeping on a Saturday we can make arrangements for that. If you want it picked up on a Sunday, we can make arrangements for that. Not local? No problem! There are programs available that allow us to do this 100% virtually.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Whether you’re a one-man-show or a corporation with 50+ employees, you will receive the same level of care and attention.


If you want to be hands on, learn what we’re doing and why, we’re happy to work with you on this. If you want to shove your bookkeeping at us while running away out the door, that’s ok too! Whatever you need, we aim to provide. And if for some reason we can’t, we’ll tell you. Transparency is our middle name. (Actually, it’s Patricia, but I was making a point here.)

Rogue Bookkeeping